Printing services
It is the most important process, the first stage is the design together with the approval of color contrast, then the production in yards, the smoothness process is given with the tombolander and the frame We have established our success in traditional printing with pigments But now we have developed a special finish that can rival a wet printing process in smoothness and draping.
Pigment prints produced correctly using selected products have unsurpassed fastness to light and good overall fastness properties.

We print on a variety of fabrics such as cotton, rayon, polyester, nylon, and high-end blends such as modal and silks.
We are equipped with a 12-screen rotary screen machine and an 8-screen rotary screen machine, to suit all your most demanding projects.

Our additional printing techniques include:
Discharge printing
Puff Printing
White pigment
If you want to bring out your colors, fluorescent printing will give your image brighter colors. Thousands of existing designs to choose from.

leopard, feline, cat

Finishing We also offer additional finishing services such as tumble laundering, washing, sanding and calendaring. Rotary Printing is a direct to fabric printing technique where the image is engraved in a cylinder. Most large manufacturers and brands still use pigment printing because it remains the most economical printing technique .

christmas buffalo raccoon and deer, plaid, red

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