Our vision

C. ALLTEX. PRINT.  We are a textile company that provides customer service by giving them tools that will help them develop their professional projects. where to paint a design? How can I start? Who will help you with the development of your design? How many processes are required? How long does it take for it to be finished? the answer is in this company 

About Us

C ALLTEX. PRINT. , is an industry that works with its client to give prestige and visibility to its brand. helping the owner to make decisions to improve their project at all quality levels. all brands are unique we give them loyalty to your specific brand.

We show you how to adapt your brand, through designs developed in the art department, following the appropriate regulations, to the taste of customers and social media to achieve a successful marketing.


3061 Maria Stree Rancho Dominguez. Ca. 90221

PHONE: (310) 938-3381